A Little Geo-poetry for Earth Day (22 April)

(entered into the MiraCosta Haiku Kite contest)
  • sea-floor spreading starts
  • where to put all this basalt?
  • a-ha! subduction!
  • mid-ocean ridges
  • where can I find one near here?
  • one hundred miles east
  • sitting on my deck
  • watching golden eagle soar
  • two miles from downtown
  • Tapeats at bottom
  • Kaibab limestone at the top
  • Paleozoic
  • Toroweap road sign
  • says "Impassable When Wet"
  • keeps the riff-raff out
  • Santiago Peak
  • Volcanic arc was forming
  • early Cretaceous
  • San Andreas fault
  • from the Salton Sea shore to
  • Cape Mendocino

  • humiliation:
  • my Earth Day haikus were shunned
  • but I'm not bitter...

from Phil Farquharson, "Geology Guy" ©2009